Shared space : projets européens
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Seven projects in five European countries participate in Shared Space. Click on the links below for more information on the various projects:
* Province of Fryslân : Drachten, Makkinga, Oosterwolde
* Municipality of Bohmte
* Municipality of Ejby
* Municipality of Emmen
* Municipality of Haren
* Municipality of Oostende
* Suffolk County Council

Avant le shared space : les applications de Monderman dès 1985
Prior to the start of the Shared Space project, Hans Monderman’s philosophy was applied in various other projects in the northern Netherlands. See below for a selection:
* Oudehaske (1985); The beginnings of Shared Space
* Makkinga (1991); Village without traffic signs
* Oldeberkoop (1994); Village of passage becomes a stopping place
* Donkerbroek (1995); Inhabitants decide on the look of the street

Source :

Actually the origine of Shared Space lies here in Oudehaske. The village of Oudehaske has grown along the through route from Joure to Heerenveen. With the rise of the motorcar the road through the village was widened. Because of the building of the A7 motorway traffic intensity in the village diminished but the road through Oudehaske kept its spaceous size. Traffic speeds were high so that the quality of village life was still second to the interests of traffic. The great number of accidents called for a solution.

At that period, at the beginning of the 80s, there was a growing awareness of traffic safety; there were cautious and tentative experiments with new traffic controlling instruments that sought to bring down speed, such as chicanes. As the provincial traffic expert Hans Monderman had suggested such measures to make the traffic situation in Oudehaske safer but he certainly made few friends with these suggestions. The graduated engineers at the provinciehuis [County Hall] were not really pleased with the new measures and from urban planning circles there was the criticism that the new measures were real eyesores. Actually Monderman could not say they were wrong. But when the call for a solution became stronger and stronger Monderman - in a desperate attempt to calm fiery feelings - wildly cried that he wanted to make something squarelike, that he wanted to enhance the village character.

La situation de départ : un axe central supportant plus de 12 000 véhicules /jour, dont un pourcentage important de camions. voir ici

Emmen (NL)

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