Christiansfeld (DK) (mise à jour 15 oct 2012)

In Christiansfeld, a historic town in Jutland, the former traffic lights, road markings and signage on the busy central crossing in the town have all been removed. Measures have been installed to slow cars on the approaches, but otherwise the junction works efficiently and safely entirely on the principle of requiring eye contact between drivers, and an emphasis on the historic, civic and social functions of the space.

Engaging drivers with their surroundings results in slower driving speeds, making the area safer for everyone and emphasising the public nature of the space.

Statistics back up this theory. As one example of many schemes, a busy and dangerous intersection in Christiansfeld, Denmark, received a shared space treatment. Where there had previously been an average of three killed or seriously injured a year, after the change in design the accident rate fell to zero for three years running. An added benefit was the reduction in traffic tailbacks during peak times. The ambiguous nature of the junction created easier flows of cars than the previous signal-controlled junction.

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